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    As a life photographer, I use photography as a way to expand, connect and create. I especially revel in covering important life experiences, including weddings, relationships, and achievements. For my clients and subjects, this means what we do is real, and fun.

    I love to tell photo-stories from all over the world, which has lead to me to shoot destination weddings in India, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Curacao, Costa Rica and the US. As well, I am committed to documenting humanitarian projects, such as important initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, India and Rwanda. My photos from the HBO documentary of the first interracial prom in Charleston Mississippi, have been published internationally, including Seventeen Magazine, O Magazine, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail.

    For me, photography of people is the capturing of their essence, and sharing back what I saw and felt. Wherever, and whomever they are. Everywhere and anywhere.

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Four’s a charm

I have to say, I really admire people who take on the responsibility of having children.  When they have a second child, I think that’s even more impressive.  Three kids, and I am ready to give them the shirt off my back.  And then four… four is in a whole different league. I bow to you.

It was my sincere delight to again photograph this growing family of my dear friend.  We’re going on 5 years of documentation, and as I said to her the other day, I fall more in love with her family each time.

Looking SO forward to meeting the newest daughter.

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Now THIS is a resolution

The winter is not for everyone. And neither are weddings on New Year’s Eve.  Jamie + Cagla know that if you are going to do it, you are going to do it right.  That means you are throwing a classy black tie event at the Four Seasons, and going outside for photos — no matter that the temperature is -30 C.  No matter at all.

This commitment, this unwavering dedication to doing what it takes to get great photos, is such a perfectly symbolic start to 2014.  Let it be the year that you follow through with your visions.  Let it be the year you keep smiling despite obstacles.  Let it be the year that love conquers all.  And with it, let it be the year you have photos you love.

Happy New Year!!!  And thank you Cagla + Jamie for helping me start 2014 off in the best way!!!

And thank you Lianne Adelson of the Event Boutique for connecting me with these wonderful people and planning a perfectly executed celebration.

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Letting 2013 out of the box

Once upon a time, I was a weekly blogger. When 2013 came along, I started to prepare for a new website, and I downgraded to hardly blogging at all.  I became a weekly hoarder, in fact.  Taking shoot after shoot, tucking it away for later use.

I’m happy to say the new site will be launching in the New Year, and I shall be returning to my regular sharing self and will let the posts free.  In making this year’s slideshow (below), I realized that almost all the photos in it have not been on this blog before! I’m excited for them to be out in the world — if only for 1 second.

Whether in cyberspace or not, I am extremely grateful to the special people in my life who made 2013 the year that it was.  These special people are my clients.  The people that asked me, the people that brainstormed with me, the people that return to me, and all the people that trusted me.  It is an act of faith when you choose to work with someone.  I never forget that in letting me photograph them, people are going out on a limb, opening themselves, their hearts and their lives to me, allowing me to enter. That is the biggest gift I can be given, and I hope I do you proud.

With sheer gratitude and love, I tip my hat to you special people, and to 2013.


ps — This slideshow can ONLY be watched on a computer. (NO mobile devices).  Also, to enjoy it, please press pause on the bottom lefthand corner, and let the slideshow load.  Then press play again.

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Newsletters are like gifts under the tree for me!

I love this time of year when people send out Holiday cards and Newsletters.

It’s great to see what everyone is up to, of course!  For me personally, it’s extra fun because at home, I receive mail from clients that have used our family photo sessions as cards, and that just tickles me pink.  In my inbox, I get businesses newsletters updated with my photos.  And when the photos come back to me in these great ways, it’s like a Christmas gift to me.  There IS a Santa Claus!

Here are two examples… and GREAT ones if you are looking for gifts!!!

1. Lisa Baston Goldberg

2. Amy Stoddart, Say-She-Ate

Who said mail is dead?  In my mind, it’s better than ever!

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Bora Bora, can you hear me?

After their ASTOUNDING wedding at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Jessica + Blair have taken off to Bora Bora for their honeymoon.  Supposedly, they are going to be off line.  This little teaser is just in case they crack, and check the blog.

Let’s see how long they last before they need to see evidence of their dreamy dream dream wedding…(if it was me, I know I’d HAVE to check.)

And, as I’ve mentioned before, I am available for hand delivery of your photos.  Stay right there, I’m on my way!!

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