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Seeing China’s earthquake through new eyes

I like to think about weddings in the grand scheme of things.  Without a doubt, there are millions of amazing, touching and important aspects to weddings, and making yours the most special and memorable day that you can. I believe in those things, which is why I enjoy photographing them so much.

I also believe that it is important to keep in mind that there are other things going on in the world, even on your wedding day.  This helps to keep things real, and true, elevating to the forefront what is important about your wedding.

We don't often see the contrast of some peoples' harsh realities on wedding days.  That is part of the dream of perfection.  So when you do see a bride and groom's day being suddenly, catastrophically ruined, it's startling.  It's not * supposed * to happen.  (But really, when IS IT supposed to happen?)
I was shocked and moved by these images that I saw on Jessamyn Harris's blog.  She found these wedding photos in a Daily Telegraph article that were taken in China on the day of the earthquake.  The couple were having their portraits taken, when suddenly…
Can you imagine this being your wedding day?  Can you imagine this happening to you in the middle of ANY day?  

These photos help me feel a deeper compassion for the horrific experience of what this earthquake might have been like.  Seeing it through a wedding, the "best day of your life", just helps illustrate the extremity of the contradiction.  

My heart goes out to those who suffered, and continue to suffer. 
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