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Now this is a diva

Have you noticed how heavily the word ‘Diva’ is being used nowadays? It’s all over the place, up there with ‘Green’ and ‘Documentographer’. (tee hee)
Sometimes it’s annoying because Diva is such a special word, and should be used with care. So, I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone actually fits that bill. And Julie Nesrallah most certainly does.

She’s an outstanding opera singer. Opera with edge. As she describes it, if Carmen was alive today, she’d be her. Well, ladies and gentlemen, she’s here today, and you’d best keep your eye out for her. She is changing the face of opera, and just might go down in history as the Diva that she is.

This is one woman who owns that word.






Special thanks to Maureen Greenstein for her amazing amazing make-up job.
(If any brides-to-be are reading this, I recommend you contact this woman for your make-up. woah!)

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