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Y’all wouldn’t believe me if I told ya

…so I’ll have to show ya.


Here is a couple photographed at midnight at Walmart, in Mississippi, after their senior prom. This Walmart is open 24-hours, which makes it a perfectly good place to go for an after-party. It’s tradition. It’s the place to be.

If you think this is strange, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Stranger, and harder to believe, this was the first time this highschool had an integrated prom. Before now, the blacks had a black prom, and the whites had a white prom. Can you believe it?!

Filmmaker Paul Saltzman discovered this archaic and astounding factoid and went to Mississippi to see what and why on earth this kind of thing is still going on.

With Morgan Freeman offering to pay for this school’s first integrated prom in his hometown, things were finally going to change. Or that was the idea, anyway…

Over the weekend, a group of film crew met with the kids Paul has been following for months for his upcoming documentary “Prom Night in Mississippi”, and followed them for the weekend. I had the good fortune of following them with my camera, and learning about racism, opportunity, and poverty, in America’s deep South.

I will post photos from this weekend over the next week. Tune back in — it’s not often you get to go to the first integrated prom in a small small town, with teenagers from Mississippi!

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