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Why I love my job…

I feel like every post I am coming up with more and more explanations for why I love my job. Maybe that should be the name of my blog. That would be a bit much though, wouldn’t it? I’ll just title my post like that this time, and get it out of my system!

The wedding this past weekend was reason #574,859 for why my job is so great. Every time I go to photograph, I am taken with the thrill of just never knowing what will come up. Sure, you can guess and expect, but ultimately, the powers that be take over.

On Saturday, what I got was a window into the lives of two Armenian families, and their wedding celebrations. What a special opportunity for me.

The whole day was jam-packed full of dancing, songs, and a variety of Armenian customs. The ceremony, completely in Armenian, consisted of 3 hooded-priests and the bride and groom forehead-to-forehead almost the entire time. I don’t know what the Priest was saying, but it was intense, and the union, sacred.

Thank you Ararad and Houry for sharing your day with me! And thank you to Jen Arron and Danijela Pruginic for their fantastic photos.

Click on the collage to see a larger version.


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