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When discussing my work, I am frequently asked what photos I take for me.  AKA, my “personal” portfolio.  What do I photograph outside of work?

I have hummed and hawed about this answer for a long time, and it took me seeing the Annie Leibovitz documentary “Life Through a Lens” before I could articulate why I found this question so absurd.   She says, and I whole-heartedly agree, that there is no difference between work for jobs, and personal work.  And that’s just it.  My ‘work’, is my personal work.  It is my life.  Essentially, I spend my life with people who share their lives with me.


This year seemed particularly phenomenal to me, and I am incredibly grateful to all the people who trusted me, and shared their lives with mine.  It truly made my life exceptional.  Thanks to them, my year included:

  • photographing adorable new families
  • capturing incredible moments of love and fun at weddings
  • leading a photography retreat in Costa Rica
  • flying to Kenya and Tanzania to document 12 amazing and inspiring teenagers climb Kilimanjaro
  • hopping off to Vancouver Island, Sudbury and Miami for destination weddings
  • cruising the Mediterranean with some of my family
  • taking stills for an important documentary about Regent Park called ‘Invisible City’
  • capturing portraits for talented up and coming musicians, nutritionists, financial planners and authors
  • sharing a million moments with my dear friends and loved ones in between

That is my life as a life photographer.  And that was my life in 2009.

Here is a slideshow of some photographs from my life this year.  It is a selection of some images and moments that tickle my fancy.  They are my picks for no particular reason — sometimes it’s the specific memory for me, sometimes it’s the shot.  I hope you enjoy this little window into my life in 2009!

A special thanks to Prosad for offering his music for this slideshow.

P.S. (If you do not see your photo session in the show, please please do not be offended or take it personally.  These are just my selections that, for whatever reason, I decided to include at this time. It doesn’t mean I didn’t love your photos, because I’m sure I did.)

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