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Farquharson, that’s right.

Who would get inside their refrigerator? Only a Farquharson.
Who would think of getting inside a refrigerator? Only a Farqharson.

That’s why we’re, well, a rare breed.


But those of us Farqs around do have some good ideas, whether we are in the same family or not. Take journalist Vanessa Farquharson (no relation) for example.

Every day for the last year, she has been removing an element of her life that is environmentally unfriendly. One by one. And face it, to be environmentally friendly, you just can’t have a working fridge. If you are thinking, “gosh, what would that be like?” check out her blog and find out: It’s a very entertaining and impressive journey she’s been on. Great reading.

You might think she’s crazy. But she must be onto something, as she is getting quite the (shall we say Cult) following…

In fact, a book is coming out next year, based on her writing and experience.

For said book, some pictures needed to be taken. And that’s where this Farquharson came in.

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