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no words for a face

I don’t even need to tell you how cute this little dumpling is.  Just look for yourself! (He had just mastered the fine art of sitting up a couple of days before this photo shoot.)

IMG_1001IMG_1019IMG_1024IMG_1081IMG_1452But who are we kidding.  It’s not the one face that makes the kid so cute.  It’s the family!!!

This session was as special treat for me, because I know Eleanore from Grade 2-13, and Otis from university, and I haven’t seen either of them for about ten years, so this is the first time I met them as a family.  They were just coming through town over the holidays, and we scheduled this little shoot in.  I’m so glad we did!


IMG_1517IMG_1621This is me with Elle above, probably looking quite similar to how we did in our Grade 2 class photo.  Maybe just a tiny tiny bit older.

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