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Hey, remember this?

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Yeah, if you have ever seen my website, it wouldn’t be easy to forget.  Why?  Because you have never seen anything else of mine.  It’s true. This Documentographer website launched when I officially started my Documentographer business in 2005.  Yup, you know that new decade we just celebrated?  Half of that.

One knows it’s time for a renovation, when you start cringing when people say that they checked out your site.  I loved that site dearly, just maybe for too long…

As with any love, you can’t just end things, just like that.  You have to pay tribute to the things you loved about them.  Well, this post is for that.  Here are some of my favourite wedding photos from my beloved old (now passé) website:

Untitled-11Untitled-8Untitled-9Untitled-6Untitled-4Untitled-1Untitled-2Untitled-3And that’s just the wedding section.  You can imagine, after 5 years, how it builds.  Wait til you see the new site, though.  It’s a keeper!  (For the next five years…)

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