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Operation Baby, successful.

Shhh, don’t tell. This is a surprise. A covert mission.

It’s Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned’s birthday tomorrow. For his present, his wife had me photograph their three-month-old baby.

This might sound easy, but Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned works from home, and his wife, on mat leave, is also at home.

Luckily, the Neighbours-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned are out of town, and it’s Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned’s job to feed their cat. So, the other day, I met Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned’s wife at the Neighbours-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned’s house, hoping that Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned didn’t see out of his window.

How she explained the length of her absence, is classified information. As far as I know, it went off without a hitch. Tomorrow, Someone-Who-Cannot-Be-Mentioned will wake to a couple of these pictures on his office wall, and the story will go public.






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