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What is an engagement shoot, and why the %*$@(#) would I want one?

One might think that surely a couple getting married would have been together long enough to have pictures of themselves together, right? Why would they want a photo session separate from their wedding day?

Engagement photo shoots are a relatively new phenomenon, but one that couples are increasingly requesting and expecting. Believe it or not, aside being a fun thing to do together, there are a few really good reasons for this. Read on to hear some…








Engagement photo sessions can be a fantastic way for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. It also means you can get comfortable and familiar with working with your photographer, which we know helps bring out your best in your pics. If you expect you’ll be nervous for the wedding photos, the engagement session can put you at ease as the poses will now be familiar and comfortable. You’ll think, “Oh yeah, I’ve done this before!”

Then, once you see the engagement pictures, you can look at how you are translating through the camera. Do you look as good as you feel? Your photos should reflect that, and bring out your most flattering self. If they aren’t, there’s time to talk about how you’d like things altered for the session on your wedding day. Rest assured, having had that discussion will bring out your best side at your wedding.

Also, an engagement shoot simply means you will have creative and fun pictures of yourselves to put out by the sign-in book at your wedding. Or, as many of my clients like to do, you can have your whole sign in book made as an album we specifically create from the engagement session.

If you are thinking of having an engagement shoot, I recommend the following tips:

-Choose a season or vibe that is different from that of your wedding. It helps shake things up a bit.
-Personalize it! If there is any place that has been meaningful to you as a couple, let’s go there.
-Consider what you are wearing. Is your outfit distracting? Do you really want to match exactly?
-Always plan a rain date, just in case.
-Allow enough time for creativity, variety and fun.

Here are some more pics from a few of my engagement shoots in 2007:













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