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It’s not often that you get hired to photograph one of your best friends for work.  But when it happens, it’s like winning the lottery.

I’ve been waiting to share these images with you, and the time is now.  It’s time for them to air, so to speak…

Why the Hilary Doyle bonanza?  And why now?  Let me tell you.

These are the promo shots for the new BNN show, Stock and Awe.  This is an incredibly clever, wacky, hilarious and informative show about how a broke woman (aka Hilary) learns how to invest and get herself out of debt. Here is the trailer :

Stock & Awe premiers on BNN on Oct 7 at 8pm, and will run also on Saturdays on CTV at 5:30!  Don’t miss it.  Really, don’t.  Without sounding too much like the proud aunt, let me just say there is nothing else on TV like this, it’s very original and exciting.  Watch the trailer already, you’ll see what I mean…

Special thanks to the fabulous make up artist Ivy Lam, who came out at the last minute and stunned us all with her incredible hair and make up skills.  Thank you, Ivy!!!

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