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India Slideshow : Wedding Day(s)

A month ago today, Sapna + Ethan were married — twice.  Once with a Christian ceremony, once with a Hindu ceremony.  Both amazing.

I have for you now, a slideshow of highlights.  When I say highlights, I mean, a mere selection of moments.  Getting them down to this number was no small feat.  Unfortunately for you, it is still a great number of photos, and you might miss one if you blink.  Don’t blink.

In this slideshow you will see:

The Mendhi and Sangeet, followed by the two ceremonies on the wedding day.  If it seems confusing with the sun going up and down, it’s because it was really like that.  48-hour, non-stop fun.

Before you watch : DO press play and then PAUSE.  Let the slideshow LOAD COMPLETELY, then press play.  Otherwise, the video will buffer and catch, and you will be blinking furiously from your tears.

What a privilege it was for me to document this wedding for Sapna + Ethan.  Thank you so much.  And a special thank you to Jen Arron ( for traveling across the world to be my side-kick photographer extraordinaire.

p.s.  I would like to mention that the resort of this wedding in Manali, Manuallaya, was so incredibly beautiful and picturesque.  It knocked this outstanding wedding off the charts.

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