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What do you get when you mix a Chinese + Jewish wedding?

Ridiculous fun, that’s what.
Here, you see Ha + Nadav. A lovely portrait for a lovely wedding day. But don’t be fooled…
It got crazy. You name the tradition of either of those two cultures, and it happened.  For example… a tea ceremony.

A Jewish wedding ceremony under the chuppah.

Beautiful bouquets made by the bride, herself.  (Just in case there wasn’t enough to do!)

Challenges that the groom has to win, in order to see his bride.  In this case, eat a chilli.

Games that the bridal party create to…um… embarrass the couple.  In this case, pass 2 raw eggs up the groom’s pants…

Or blindfold the bride/groom, and having them guess who their partner is… by touch…

They each got it right.  Of course.  (phew!)

Bride changing into her evening dress.

And of course, the horah.

That was so much fun, you two.  Thank you for sharing this day, and all your customs with me.  מזל טוב and 恭喜!

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