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Is there such a thing as coincidence?

For my birthday last year, my dear friend Christina wanted to buy me a subscription to a magazine.  Specifically, she wanted me to choose a magazine that I wanted to be published in.  We spend a lot of time talking about our careers and goals and dreams, and this present was intended to help support where I wanted to go next. Instead of choosing a local, more plausible, magazine, I chose the publication that I love the most right now — Martha Stewart’s Body and Soul magazine — knowing full well that this was a pipe dream, but certainly one that would make me happy coming into my mailbox.


Last week I got an e-mail from Body and Soul, saying they want to send me free copies of the magazine to thank me for my contribution. Delighted, I said, yes please!  But, what contribution?  I think I’d remember submitting to my FAVOURITE MAGAZINE.

Remember Vanessa Farquharson?  We did this photo shoot at this link for her new book ‘Sleeping Naked is Green‘, last February.  

Where did I find it, but in the magazine that came through my mail box yesterday.  Right inside the magazine, as a half page photo.

img_7155All I have to ask is this: is this a coincidence?  Or is it a result of Christina’s thoughtful present?  And if it’s from the latter, which I like to believe it is, my birthday is fast approaching again…

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