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just the tip of the ice cream cone

Who says you need a year to plan a wedding?  Not Tania + Steve.  They are living proof that you really only need two weeks.  And even though it was planned it such short order, everything about it was as special and as beautiful as any other well-planned wedding.

The only draw-back, a major draw-back, was that many of their important friends and family could not be there to attend the wedding.  Even their parents.  With this in mind, I put this slideshow together, in the hopes that the absent loved ones can watch the day as it unfolded.

Press play, then pause.  Let it load.  Then press play again and enjoy.

ps — Have you ever seen anything more romantic than a Bride + Groom helping each other get ready?

pps — Special thank you to the wonderful officiant Sarah Bunnett-Gibson who helped the couple locate a venue that was a perfect fit to their vision of a ‘backyard ceremony’.

ppps — Thank you for including me in this, Steve + Tania.  It was so special for me.  We’ve been friends a long time Steve, I can’t wait for more of the ice cream!!


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