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Green Goddess in Awesometown

In 2009, the infamous Nutritionista Meghan Telpner wrote a comment on my blog that said, “ When one day soon, I can afford to do it, I wanna get you to shoot my special day. It may not be a wedding, may not be anything really- but I think that with your amazingness, you could find beauty, grace, quirks and creativity in just plain old magical life. You are a one of a kind talent!”  Over the three years, we have had many opportunities to work together, most recently my exciting opportunity to photograph for her upcoming cook book, “The UnDiet” (coming out across North America in December! Ya!)

More exciting than the Meghan-Catherine love-in, is that Meghan’s special day finally arrived.  And I had the privilege of photographing this wonderful day where she married her love, Josh.  And they are, pretty much, the most fun-loving, enviro-health-life-loving couple, you can imagine.  Their sense of fun is infectious, so their marriage was pretty much the greatest reason to celebrate.

I’ve put together a slideshow of some of the highlights from the occasion.   To enjoy properly without buffering, please press pause AFTER you press play.  Let the show load.  THEN press play again. (Special thanks to my favourite local star, Treasa Levassear for the use of her much loved song, “The Rest of the Ride.”   **Note : This slideshow can only be played on computers.  No i-Anythings***

Love you guys. xoxoxo

Further notes of acknowledgement of behind-the-scenes stars :


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