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The secret’s finally out!!

It is not easy keeping really good secrets in.  Try holding a secret in for 1.5 years!!!  But no longer. It’s out.  I can breathe again.  Yes, now I can say it, and share it, and yell it from the rooftops…

Ok, none of those are EXACTLY true.  My conscience won’t really allow me to say that.

The truth of the matter is, I was lucky enough to be commissioned to take photos for this amazing lifestyle + health book, UnDiet – just published by McClelland & Stewart.  The book is finally out.  And it is a raging success.  And I’m so proud to have my photos in it, and to have been a part in it!

Lucky for me, I get the great pleasure of riding the coattails of its success, and revel in the after glow of all of Nutritionista Meghan Telpner‘s hard work.  I get smiley at the thought that I had something to do with helping Meghan produce the book of her dreams.  ”Working” with Meghan is a dream, and I adore her to bits.

I feel extremely proud to have been a part of this project. The photoshoot for the UnDiet, Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health, was a four-day marathon of love. With the rest of the amazing team, in the four days, we shot the food, the “How to” prep shots of the food, the photos of Meghan, a brunch with her friends, Meghan flirting with her then-boyfriend-now-husband Josh Gitalis, and all images that accompany the chapters in the book.  It was so much fun that in fact, I got withdrawal afterwards — the kind you get when you return home from an amazing vacation.

Here’s a mere glimpse of what I’m talking about:

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the love that went on in the kitchen last January:

Not only was this a special opportunity for me professionally, but it was a specially opportunity personally.  Meghan inspired me the moment I met her (as you can see HERE in my blog post from 5 years ago),  and this book is everything I would ever want to read in a health and lifestyle book.  It is fresh, funny, informative and fun-loving. Nothing pretentious, overwhelming and scary, or condescending.  Just a book by a fabulous girl, sharing the information and inspiration that she wanted from a book when she was looking.  The book is for you.  The UnDiet will not only make you want to live a more healthy and vibrant life, you will believe that you can.

And I don’t have to keep it in, anymore!  It’s gorgeous.  Get one for yourself.


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