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Dear reader,

With snowmageddon outside, and the solstice approaching,  it seems only fitting to take a moment to share a few thoughts.
I have officially been blogging on here for one year!  This lil typepad has allowed me to share my most exciting Documentographer year yet with you all.  
Together (that's me and you), we covered 22 amazingly unique and special weddings, and we went to Peru, Mississippi, Kenya and Israel. We also met some fabulously fun families, and took portraits of people up to some very interesting things, including starting new businesses, books and projects.
In truth, you, dear client/reader/supporter, have meant that this year was possible for me. Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and sharing with me.
I wish you the very very very best in this holiday season.
With love and gratitude,


Do come back in 2009, I have some great stuff up my sleeve for you!

Notes for your calendar:  
-January we're heading to Costa Rica for a photography/yoga retreat.(Jan 20-27)  If this snow is tempting you to escape, do join us. We still have spaces.  E-mail me for details. 
-February I'm having an exhibit of the Prom photos (Opening party Feb 4, do come!), after the film 'Prom Night in Mississippi' has its World Debut at the Sundance Film Festival!!
-March is Piga Picha month.  Finally it's time to see the AMAZING photos that the HIV orphans took. You will love them.
-April, weddings begin again with more fabulous couples.  Just you wait!!
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