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when it’s meant to be

One might think that when the swine flu causes you to re-locate your destination wedding, say, a wedding that took over a year to plan, one might be disappointed.  All your visions, dreams and ideas, all out the window.  But what if all signs indicate that Plan “B” is better than Plan “A”?  

This past weekend, we went to South Beach, Miami, and never looked back.

For example, take a moment to compare weather forecasts in the two locations.  Plan A vs. Plan B.  Which would you choose?


Can you believe it?  If swine flu hadn’t come along, the whole thing would have been ruined anyway.  And we wouldn’t have gotten Vanity Fair shots like this:

img_2911Not even for a single second, did anyone, and I mean ANYONE, wish that the wedding had taken place as previously planned.  This wedding was perfection in every way — even though it was all organized and planned within 72 hours.  I shall share more, and you can see for yourself.

Kudos to pulling off a perfect celebration!!


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