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ohhh a blog award!

super_blogWelcome to our little love-in.  (And who says computers separate us from each other?!)  The amazing Nutritionist  extraordinaire Meghan Telpner, who I adore, gave me a blog award yesterday.  Here’s what she said:  

First she photographed my BF Vanessa for her book cover, and than I have her do my pics and than sent her along to my other BF Macy and then my friend Stuart caught on. Catherine has become a wonderful friend and she is maybe the best in the whole world at what she does. She captures people at their most beautiful from the inside out. She is delightful, sweet, very funny, beautiful… I might just have a girl crush. She makes me want to put complete stranger’s wedding photos and baby photos on my wall.

I’m blushing.

In exchange, I shall share my five favs:

1. Anna Kuperberg’s photo blog. I have never met Anna in real life, but what does real life have to do with this? Her blog and photos are so amazing, what’s not to adore?  For me, this woman represents what life photography is all about, and what I aspire mine to be.  Thank you for the inspiration!!!

2. What does it mean to be a human being? Jordan Bower is living the dream. For the past million months, he has been traveling around India.  And every day he shares a photo that makes me pause. 

3. Style Me Pretty. If you are getting married and want some inspiration, this is the place to go.  It is a beautiful blog, and amazing resource.  It seems to just get more and more terrific.

4. Of life after 24. This blog is where photographer meets poet.  Alyssa is the talented artist genius who doesn’t even know it.  It’s gentle, inspiring and beautiful, just like her.

5. Seth Godin. How one man can share such profound insights on a daily basis, astounds me. He has altered how I think about my business and the world. Now that’s a blog!!

For those who won, feel free to pass the award on to your 5 fav blogs.

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