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mixing new with the old

Tradition is part of what I think attracts people to weddings.  We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and what better way than to align yourself with one of the oldest traditions you can choose to be a part of — the wedding.


IMG_3826Even with something so ancient and so common around the world, I love that people make their weddings special to themselves.  Taking old traditions, and adding their own twist.  

Nathan and Angela’s wedding is a perfect example.  They brought in the traditions of the Chinese wedding into the day, like having the groom bargain and bribe his way to see his bride…

_MG_2748And they also worked in special surprises like, Nathan singing their favourite song to Angela at their reception.  (So sweet!!!)










This is what I consider to be the most fortunate part of my job — experiencing how each of my clients make their day their own.  This wedding was no exception! So fabulous.  Thank you Angela and Nathan!!!


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