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Finally Americans can watch Prom Night in Mississippi!!!

You’ve waited long enough.

For anyone interested in seeing the documentary, “Prom Night in Mississippi“, if you live in the USA, now is your chance.

Catch it, tape it, tivo it, Monday July 20, at 9PM/8C on HBO.


For anyone out of the loop, a quick synopsis is that I flew to Mississippi last year to photograph the first interracial prom in Charleston Mississippi. It was made possible by the generosity of Academy Award Winner Morgan  Freeman, who was tired of having to explain why there was a White Prom and a Black Prom in his home town.  The photos are featured in the documentary, Prom Night in Mississippi, and have been published in numerous locations. (Have a browse around this blog, or check out the Media link above for more information on this).

Anyway, it has all been very exciting and very fun.  And now, people can finally see the much awaited film.  Next Monday. Don’t miss it.  And if you do, don’t ask me how you can see the film, anymore. This is your chance!!!


If you live in Canada, you still have to wait.  Sorry!

I’m off to NYC on Thurs to view the premiere at HBO, and meet Morgan Freeman.  How terribly exciting!

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