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08.08.08 really was the luckiest day

The Chinese Olympians were saying that last Friday was the luckiest day of the year.  Indeed it was.  Miracles happened.  Even here in Canada.

Originally, Nadya and Mick were supposed to have their wedding on Aug 9.  About a month ago, their venue in Muskoka went belly-up.  Not a good thing for any couple planning a wedding, and certainly not for a couple like this one, where the entire groom's family were coming in from Ireland.
So, they kept the weekend date, but moved the wedding to Friday. 
Friday morning, we were devastated to hear that the forecast called for thunder storms.  Not a good thing for an outdoor ceremony.  
Hadn't this couple had enough bad luck?
Then, an hour before the ceremony, the clouds parted. No, not parted.  They dispersed. Just tickled the sky.  Low and behold, a stunning evening presented itself.  And with it, we had an amazing sunset photo-shoot. 
When it poured rain the next day on the 9th, I couldn't help but feel even more grateful.
Congratulations you two, you made it!!  And what a success it was, too!! 
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