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life and love before blogs?

I have to say, I love this blog culture in weddings.  Quite simply, I love how the word about fantastic weddings reaches outwards, and one couple’s special day can inspiration for future couples!

I was delighted to find a “Daily News” piece on the Wedding Co. newsletter this morning, about photographer Laura Jane’s delightful guerilla-style wedding that I photographed.  It really was a special, thoughtful and intimate wedding, I am really glad Catherine Lash wrote about it.  Have a read, you’ll understand in a second. (Click the link above to see the photos.)

Picture 2This post made me think of how cool it is that we can share this way online.  Recently, Rosie from Wedding Bells wrote a little piece on her blog about Jessica and Dan’s wacky wedding, as did their fabulous wedding planner, Kara from Belle Fleur Events. And that is a wedding people should know about. It just is.

Picture 7Picture 8As well, Luxe Destination Weddings recently launched their blog, and wrote a piece about Shelly and Ben’s magnificent wedding in South Beach.  It was such an extraordinary experience  – people who weren’t there, or don’t even know them, can still appreciate it.

Picture 9I get it now.  I understand why some of my clients can’t wait to be the ones featured on my blog.  It’s a moment to share something really exciting in your life.

It is so effective, I can’t even remember my life and business before this blog was born.  Maybe I didn’t have one.

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