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First inter-racial prom goes public on NPR

Well, the word's out.

People are finding out that Charleston High School had a segregated prom until this year, 2008, and they are saying, "How is this possible?"

The story of the prom was on National Public Radio across the US this morning about the first integrated prom at the high school. Thanks to Paul Saltzman and his upcoming documentary Prom Night in Mississippi, I was there to photograph the event in April.  I wrote some blog posts about the experience here and here and here and here

To visually illustrate the story, NPR used my photos on their Bryant Park website.

Here's the link to the full radio story, and the slideshow of my images, with Chasidy Buckley, one of the students, talking about her experience.

And here's a bonus piece on the radio, with some very intelligent comments by yours truly.


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