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Prom Night in…everywhere!

Mississippi, yes.  But also anywhere, everywhere.  In the sky, even!

If you are flying Air Canada this month, or in November, you can watch Prom Night in Mississippi in flight!!!

As well, I just found out there is going to be a THEATRICAL release in Canada next month.  You can go to their website for details:

Why do I care about this so much, some of you might be asking?  I care because I’ve cared about this film from its inception, but also because I was fortunate enough to go down to Charleston for the prom, and shoot the movie stills.  If you watch it, you will see some of the stills in the movie.

(If you search “prom” at the top of my blog, you’ll see lots of info on this, and if you hit “older posts” a few times, you’ll see some of the stills.  Or, you can watch this NPR audio slideshow, set to my images:

Better yet, go buy a flight somewhere, grab some popcorn and treat yourself!!


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