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    As a life photographer, I use photography as a way to expand, connect and create. I especially revel in covering important life experiences, including weddings, relationships, and achievements. For my clients and subjects, this means what we do is real, and fun.

    I love to tell photo-stories from all over the world, which has lead to me to shoot destination weddings in India, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Curacao, Costa Rica and the US. As well, I am committed to documenting humanitarian projects, such as important initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, India and Rwanda. My photos from the HBO documentary of the first interracial prom in Charleston Mississippi, have been published internationally, including Seventeen Magazine, O Magazine, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail.

    For me, photography of people is the capturing of their essence, and sharing back what I saw and felt. Wherever, and whomever they are. Everywhere and anywhere.

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Seth + his happy home

There is nothing more fulfilling for me in the evolution of my wedding work, then when my clients contact me again to document the next stage of their lives.   I love seeing what has evolved for them — particularly in their family life!

I was pretty excited when Tamara’s friends bought a gift certificate for a shoot with my former wedding clients, Tamara + Richard.  They had a wonderful wedding two years ago, (blog post : and now they have a wonderful son.  I couldn’t wait to get over there!

Look how cute this little nugget is.

Congratulations to you three! xoxoxo

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Season mash-up

Lindsay + Steve got married in November of last year.  It felt like Spring. I thought I’d post their wedding today, as it’s Spring, feeling like November.  You know things are good though, when the weather doesn’t matter.

And I’ll tell you, it didn’t matter on this beautiful wedding day.  These two were the most fun-loving, happy and in love couple.  They met on a Birthright trip to Israel, and that was that!

Here are some selects from this fabulous day:

The details of this wedding should be acknowledged, as they were quite magnificent.

Planner : Naomi Serkin

Florist : Forget Me Not

Cake : Bobette and Belle

Band (with and without Lindsay!) : Soular

Make-up : Maureen Greenstein

Hair : Jody

And just when you think that they are so wonderously wonderful and how could they get better, you discover that Lindsay use to be a singer, and see her perform the most amazing set with the band.  Seriously?  Seriously.

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Summer calling

As it even *hints* of being warm, my mind goes to the summer.  I’m ready.

Here is selection from a shoot of one of the most beautiful families at their cottage in Muskoka, from the last day of summer in 2012.

If you are thinking of booking a family session like this for your own family, get your booking in now!  Sadly, there are only so many spots available in this oh-too-short season.

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The Wedding Co. Magazine

I am very pleased to have been commissioned by the fine folks at the Wedding Co. Magazine to photograph for their profile on the vendors that really make a difference at a wedding.  It was particularly fun to shoot at these weddings with my focus being on an entirely different element than usual.  For example, I followed the Planner around, instead of the bride.  This was a terrific assignment.

If you are getting married, and you haven’t seen this magazine, make sure you pick one up.  And I’m not just saying that because my work is in it!



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