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    As a life photographer, I use photography as a way to expand, connect and create. I especially revel in covering important life experiences, including weddings, relationships, and achievements. For my clients and subjects, this means what we do is real, and fun.

    I love to tell photo-stories from all over the world, which has lead to me to shoot destination weddings in India, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Curacao, Costa Rica and the US. As well, I am committed to documenting humanitarian projects, such as important initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, India and Rwanda. My photos from the HBO documentary of the first interracial prom in Charleston Mississippi, have been published internationally, including Seventeen Magazine, O Magazine, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail.

    For me, photography of people is the capturing of their essence, and sharing back what I saw and felt. Wherever, and whomever they are. Everywhere and anywhere.

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Dream + man + dress =

Once upon a time, there was a bride who had the man and the dress of her dreams.  After her wedding, she donated her dress to The Brides’ Project, whereby another bride brought the dress, and the profits were donated to fighting cancer. That bride (Whitney), also had not only the dress of her dreams (Vera Wang), but the man of her dreams (Jeff) as well.  It is an all around feel good story, and one that makes you believe in fairy tales.

Now for something a little different… Here is Whitney’s speech to Jeff, as she lovingly shares her story (and you can admire her beautiful dress at the same time!):

(for best results, press PAUSE after you press play, to let the video load. Once complete, press PLAY again).

I am not sure exactly how many times I choked up at this wedding, but it was definitely over five.  Such sweet people, and such a sweet story.  Thank you for sharing this special day with me. xoxo

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last days of summer

Drink it in.  No matter how much summer we have, it never quite feels like enough. Vasist + Michelle are getting married in November.  I know we will be thinking of these photos taken on what was I think the last day of sweater-less weather, and trying to feel the sun on our backs.  But no matter what the season, these two are all sunshine. Never thought I’d say this, but, can’t wait for November!

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