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    As a life photographer, I use photography as a way to expand, connect and create. I especially revel in covering important life experiences, including weddings, relationships, and achievements. For my clients and subjects, this means what we do is real, and fun.

    I love to tell photo-stories from all over the world, which has lead to me to shoot destination weddings in India, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Curacao, Costa Rica and the US. As well, I am committed to documenting humanitarian projects, such as important initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, India and Rwanda. My photos from the HBO documentary of the first interracial prom in Charleston Mississippi, have been published internationally, including Seventeen Magazine, O Magazine, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail.

    For me, photography of people is the capturing of their essence, and sharing back what I saw and felt. Wherever, and whomever they are. Everywhere and anywhere.

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There ain’t no rain when there’s sunshine

Nothing could rain on Amelia + Adam’s wedding day.  Not even pouring rain.  It was such a great reminder — everything is how you see it.  And for them, the day was all sunshine and rainbows.  For me, their attitude made shooting this wonderful day such a pleasure.  I think everyone felt the joy, as this wedding resulted in a party the likes of which I only see a few times a season.

This wedding at Amelia’s family farm in Collingwood, was such a treat– rain or shine.  Thank you so much for sharing this special day with me.  xoxo

ps — How fabulous is Amelia’s dress?!!!

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listen to the salutation to the dawn

Look to this Day, For it is Life, The very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the Varieties And Realities of your Existence;
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived
Makes every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every To-morrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn.

For those who went to summer camp, you will understand why it means so much to get married there.  Jamie’s family has been going to YMCA’s Camp Kitchekewana for decades.  The most perfect place for she and Sparky to launch their marriage for decades.

It is definitely worth noting that all the decor that made this wedding extra-special, was hand-made by Jamie.  Including this amazing sign above.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful wedding with me, I too, hold camp very dear to my heart.  It was so much fun to document for you.

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The kind of people you are

I want to share with you about Emily + Micky, and I am at a loss for words.  How do you describe their warmth, the magic between them, and how much they are loved by everyone?  It’s so infectious to be around. To illustrate, I will share with you this : They are the kind of people that think to give their vendors notes like this on the wedding day.  I feel like that says so much.

And they are the kind of people who love, and aren’t afraid to show it.

So, you can imagine, with a couple as generous and thoughtful as the two of them, it would be a perfectly awesome thing to do, to wear your grandmother’s wedding dress.  60 years after she wore it!  And for it to be so stylish!!!  I think this is one of the greatest dresses and tributes I have seen.

And the style and the love just continued…

Everyone was beaming, myself included, all night.  Thank you, Emily + Micky for letting me in on the magic.  And for being so dreamy all the way through.

A few special people of note :

The wedding was seamlessly planned + executed by Naomi Serkin.

Make-up by the ever talented Maureen Greenstein

Pink headpiece : Lilliput Hats

Beautiful flowers : Fiona at Stemz

Dress : well, we know where the dress came from.  It’s one in a million.

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London calling

I always say that I love to photograph weddings because I get to participate in the full day of a very important day in peoples’ lives.  This wedding of London + Juan was a special honour for me to participate in…  Not just because I was around two fabulous people…

And not just because the ceremony was so beautiful…

And not only because I got to ride around on the back of a Porsche…

Nor because I took them for a special stop at Splendido…

And not even because the wedding reception was at the beautiful Royal Ontario Museum…

Or even because I was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful wedding planner Laurie Goldhar…

And not just because the wedding itself and the people there were so lovely…

But because London is an old childhood friend of mine, who other than one evening about 3 years ago, she and I haven’t seen each other since we were teenagers.  So to see her and her family again, and document this day for everyone, truly was an honour I can’t express enough here.

Thank you so much dear Davies family.  It was a pleasure to see you all again, and even more to be able to share this special occasion with you, in this way.

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If I had a Nikki for every time you heard me laugh…

Ever heard of Nikki Leigh McKean?  She’s a fantastic photographer in Toronto. She’s also one of the word’s most charming people.  I was charmed.  So was Victor.  So he proposed, and as their relationship turned into a new bond, they proposed to me!  I said Yes.  And a friendship was born.

Speaking of born, Nikki was born some few years ago today.  So this blog post is to celebrate Nikki.  There are so many reasons to celebrate her.  Here’s a list (not in order of importance):

1. Nikki is everyone’s friend.

2. Nikki is very funny.  I very much enjoy that.

3. She’s marrying Victor.  Victor is not only a fabulous man, but also the amazing Chef and part owner of the infamous Splendido restaurant.

4.  They are wonderful together, and wonderful to be around. Nikki is in love.

Oh, sorry, the list is longer, I just got swept away in it all.  I will continue the celebration at the celebration.  They are marring in Nova Scotia in September, and I can’t wait!

Happy birthday, Nikki!!! xoxoxox

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